Sofa Cake

Sofa Cake with Cushions (NO EXTRA COOKING) and Blanket

Hi Guys,
Do you know someone who is always on the sofa? Maybe watching too much tv, playing video games, reading or just sleeping on a Sofa, then this cake is for that person! ???
You can customize it changing the sofa colour, and changing bits and pieces here and there.
For sure, when people are going to see your can they will be amazed by it  ?

[ingredients title=”What you are going to need”]

  • A 25cm/10inch square cake of your choice
  • Cream of your choice
  • Covering Fondant or Chocolate Fondant
  • Modelling Fondant or Modelling chocolate


[directions title=”HOW TO MAKE THE SOFA CAKE”]

  1. First of all, bake a 25cm square cake of your choice and your favourite frosting.
    To make this cake I’ve made a square 25cm vanilla cake with some vanilla buttercream.
  2. Divide the cake into three, two are going to be 10cm and the other one is 5cm.
  3. Sandwich the 10cm cakes together and with the other one left make sofa back seat
  4. Trim all the corners.
  5. Sandwich the leftover cake with some buttercream to make the armchair.
  6. Crumb coat the cake and chill it for 2-3 hours or until the frosting is set.
  7. Cover the cake with fondant and mark any lines to make it look more similar to a real Sofa.
  8. Knead the leftover cake and the frosting until it will be easier to shape it.
  9. Give a square shape to make the cushions and put in in the fridge. It is almost like making a cake pop.
  10. Cover the cushions with fondant of your choice and put them on the sofa. [/directions]