Female Cake Topper How To Step by Step Tutorial

Hi Guys!

Here is an easy Female Cake topper Tutorial with shining shoes for you!


  1. First of all, let’s start making the trousers. To make my cake toppers I use Modelling paste which is going to get harder and for me, it’s easier to work with, but obviously, this can be done with clay or even modelling chocolate paste.
    So, first of all, I’m making a sausage and it is large on both sides and thin in the middle, fold in half and cut it so that we have exactly the same size and weight of the fondant and then press down with your finger to mark their buttocks level, press down to mark the knee levels, also you need to smooth the edges with your fingers and then press down but this time we’re rolling all around it, to mark the ankle and then cut it. Pinch with your fingers the front of the leg and mark a v-shape to make the knee. Cut some piece of fondant to make the hem of the jeans, cut any extra fondant.
  2. Now we’re going to make the ankles and the feet and we need to make a sausage then fold it and cut in half, this is going to be one foot. Mark the ankle, you can do it with your finger or with a brush’s handle, with a ball tool I’m given the shape of the actual foot.
    Place the feet on top of some pink fondant and cut the sole of the shoe, then cut two more stripes, and wrap the foot around it. To hide the line just rub with a little bit of butter, then to make the bow at the front of the shoe cut a rectangle, fold like this and glue it on the shoe.
    Then insert a cocktail stick inside the leg and put them on a dummy.  Insert one piece of spaghetti, this will hold the foot. Press both trousers together.
  3. Now let’s move on making the body, with some flesh fondant shape a cylinder first and then make it a little bit flat and with your fingers, you need to press to make the neck. Now let’s mark the chest and try to make a little bit more round. With your indexes press the bottom of the body and then put it on top of the trousers and insert, very gentle, a cocktail stick, this will hold the body. Now let’s cut a rectangle and then wrap it on to the body to make the top, cut any excess fondant, press it, and cut it any remaining fondant. You need to be careful where you cut because otherwise, you might cut too much.
  4. And to remove the lines just rub a little bit of butter. Now let’s cut a little bit more to make a nice collar. First from the front and then from the back.
  5. To make the arms roll some flesh fondant, you fold in half, cut it so is going to have the same length, mark the wrist with your finger and the elbow as well. Fold it at the elbow, press to make the hand, and then cut the fingers. Wrap it on to some blue fondant the same that I’ve used for the blue top, stick together and then cut any excess fondant. Because I wanted the shoulder to show I’ve cut a little bit of the fondant. Let’s place their arm onto the body with the help of a spaghetti. The hand is going to go on one knee and I’ve glued it with a little bit of water.
  6. To make the face first we’re going to shape an oval, then with our pinky, we’re going to press down in the middle of our oval, shape the chin meanwhile pulling back the fondant, making the neck as well. Some people prefer to use fingers to make the eyes, I prefer a life shaper as it is very similar to the shape that I want to use for the eyes. So draw a leaf shape for one eye and another one on the other eye. They need to be as similar as possible. For the nose, I’m adding a triangle of fondant and poke the two nostrils.
    Draw a line underneath the nose, to have an idea where the mouth is going to be. To make the lips I’ve used some red fondant mixed with some flesh colours, and I like it because is not too red or too pale. Add this piece of fondant onto the month line and draw a line in the middle. I know it looks a little bit too long now but I’m going to cut it in a minute and then shape it.
    Let’s go back to the eyes, fille them with some fondant, cut two light blue circles for the iris, remove a bit of it from the bottom of them and apply them on to the eyes. For the pupils add some tiny black fondant and press them down. For the eyelashes use some very thing black fondant and place them around the eye and at the bottom right corner as well. A simple way to add the effect of the eyelashes it to make lots of small cuts.
    Using some edible colour I’m painting some white dots to make the eyes sparkle, I love this effect, don’t you love it as well?
    Roll some black fondant, cut in half and apply on the forehead to make the eyebrows.
  7. Paint the cheeks with some rose petal dust, at this point we can cut the neck as we’ve already made it with the body.
    I really enjoy this part where everything starts looking more realistic as I’m inserting the head onto the body!
    I apply on to the head but you need to be careful because the head needs to be dry before putting it onto the body. In fact, if it is too soft, the head could change her shape.
  8. We need now to make the hair, and first, we are going to cover the head with some black fondant.  And then apply lots of lots of pieces of fondant on to the head. Shorter at the front and longer at the back.
  9. Also, it’s not really important but it makes a lot of difference when adding some accessories like a necklace. This will give a more realistic effect and you always going to get someone who says, Oh my God it even has a necklace. For my experience that extra detail will give an extra wow effect!
  10. Now for a final touch, let’s add some blue petal dust on the side to give a better jeans effect.
  11. Instead, to make the shining shoes I’m brushing some corn syrup mixed with some clear alcohol such as vodka. I’ll have to glaze it one more time later on.
    This is a mother girl, and definitely, need some patches onto the jeans. We just need to add some white fondant and tearing them out with a craft knife.
    I haven’t put the other arm yet as I needed to add the face first as the hand will stand towards the face, so I wasn’t sure if the arm could have been on my way.