Ladybug Miracolous Cake

Face Ladybug Miraculous Cake How to Make

Hi Guys!

Miraculous Ladybug is one of the cartoons that I’ve seen that lots of grown-up kids (and not only) are watching these days, and I’m sure if you still have kids around the house that you had to watch it sometimes as well!!!

I must admit, I quite like it, I think it’s really well made and it reminds me of a cartoon I was watching when I was a kid myself.

I decided to make this face cake as I have not seen it done before from one else and I thought that at the end it came out quite nice, I hope you like it too and that you have fun making it as well it!

[ingredients title=”TOOLS AND EDIBLES”]

  • 25cm/10 inches Cake
  • Buttercream of your choice
  • Flesh fondant
  • Red Fondant
  • Black Fondant
  • Blue Fondant
  • Baby blue Fondant
  • White Fondant
  • 35cm/14 inches Cake Board
  • Black and White edible gel colours


[directions title=”HOW TO MAKE THE CAKE”]

  1. Trim the cake, fill it with buttercream and using your template, cut the cake same size as the face, and the eyes.
  2. Crumb coat the cake and leave in the fridge for about 2-3 hours.
  3. Make a triangle for the nose and the mouth.
  4. Cover the part of the face with some flesh fondant and mark with your hand eyes, mouth, nose and face. Remove all the flesh fondant that we are not going to need.
  5. Using the template cut the mask and add some black circle on it. Place the mask onto our cake, and add some white fondant for the eyes.
  6. Add some blue fondant for the iris and black for the pupils. Paint the lashes with black gel paste.
  7.  To give more a realistic colour, I’m adding some pink petal dust on the face, especially on her cheeks.
  8. To make the lips, I mixed some flesh and red fondant to get a more natural pink colour. Cut from the template. And apply to the mouth.
  9. Cover with blue fondant where the hair should be first and then add lots of blue stripes with thinner ends. Cover the cake with them and add lots of lines of the fondant so it will look more like hair. 
  10. Use some black fondant for the neck.
  11. Cover the cake board with light blue as for recreating a blue sky, paint a tour Eiffel, using some white edible colour from Wilton.
  12. To make the adorable Tikki, form a red oval, press down in the middle, mark the eye socket. Shape the chin and cut the neck. Fill with white fondant the eyes sockets, for the iris, we need to add two circles of light blue fondant, then tow black balls for the pupils. Cut the mouth, fill with some black fondant, add some circles on the head. Paint all around the eyes and some lashes, add some very tiny drops of white fondant for some extra lights on the eyes.
  13. Finally, place the cake onto the board and add all the pieces that you are still missing, add Tikka’s head and the body.


But most of all, I hope you have fun!!!

Fran ?