Bib, Dummy and Converse Shoes out of fondant for a Christening Cake

Hi Sweeties!

Christening is one of the most important moments for many reasons.
Every parent on this special day wants everything to be perfect … even the cake, yes.

That’s why, one of my friends asked me to make shoes, bib and a dummy in sugar paste so that she could put them on her little boy cake.
She got her cake to be made by one of the best patisseries we have here in town, but the Cake Toppers, she wanted me to make them…what an honour!!!

I was undecided about the type of shoe to make, but in the end, the most beautiful seemed to me the Converse, it gave me the idea of a little baby that will soon become a little man.

[ingredients title=”FOR CONVERSE SHOES”]

Modelling paste:


[ingredients title=”FOR THE BIB”]

Modelling Paste